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Members of the North Channel Marine Tourism Council are featured in a brochure listing amenities and contact information which is then distributed to all members. The council also advertises yearly at the Toronto Boat Show, in the Discover Georgian Bay Magazine, and Ontario’s Rainbow Country magazine. Becoming a member of the NCMTC also gives members an opportunity to participate in our Annual “Shopping Bag” program and “Pump Out Card” program.

Marketing research is currently being done to examine boating trends and demographics. This information is crucial to increase tourism on the North Channel. If each individual member were to undertake this work, while highly valuable, it would be costly, time-consuming and difficult to collect given the large geographic area. By becoming a member, this information is available to you at no additional charge to the annual membership fee. This marketing research includes reasons for entering ports, information used to plan trips, and customer satisfaction which can help marinas decide how to market the most desirable amenities and what cruising guides or magazines their customers use to plan their trips.

On top of the marketing research, information and statistics are shared between members allowing all members to see increases or decreases in boaters at multiple marinas as opposed to only one.

The Council’s website is currently being reformatted to allow boaters a one-stop look at all NCMTC members’ pages to find rates, amenities and locations which is not only extremely convenient but also efficient. The website will then link boaters to the member’s website and contact information.

The North Channel Marine Tourism Council strives to unite marine operators and business partners on the North Channel waterway. If you are interested in joining the 33 current members, please follow the instructions on the right.

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