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  1. Berry Boats
  2. Blind River Marine Park
  3. Bruce Mines Municipal Marina
  4. Thessalon Municipal Marina
  5. Boyle Marine
  6. Canadian Yacht Charters
  7. Drummond Island Yacht Haven Inc.
  8. Harbor Vue Marina
  9. Kagawong Municipal Marina
  10. Little Current Yacht Club
  11. Little Wally’s Dock Service
  12. Meldrum Bay Marina
  13. Municipality of Killarney/Public Dock
  14. Purvis Marine Storage
  15. City of Sault Ste. Marie (Roberta Bondar Marina)
  16. City of Sault Ste. Marie-(Bellevue)
  17. The Sportsman’s Inn Resort and Marina
  18. Town of Gore Bay
  19. Town of NEMI (Spider Bay Marina)
  20. Town of NEMI (Port of Little Current)
  21. Town of Spanish
  22. Township of Assiginack (Bay Street Marina)
  23. Township of St. Joseph (Richards Landing Marina)
  24. Village of Hilton Beach
  25. Killarney Mountain Lodge

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